Few days ago, I published an infographic about Milennials and Mobile. Today, I’ll try to provide some insights about those facts. We must consider any stat on our favor, for building brands towards opportunities.


¿Why would they? If we don’t produce quality content we’ll not improve engagement. Most effectives emails are coupons or ultra-interesting content. Also, for sharing them we have to make it easy. Offer instant sharing options like Sharing on Facebook or Tweeting about it. Also, according to our target, we must consider new Social Media interfaces (like Pinterest, Tuenti, Bananity and so on).


We must not consider emailing as shooting to a flock of birds. It’s unnecessary. By this method your brand will be blocked (simple as spam). Produce content (yes, I know I said that before). It’s not the only solution but if you are interested on building a brand, consider treating your consumer better. Provide stimuli to leave the spam box.


Yes, it’s nice Milennials have the highest record on that, but you must retire from marketing if you keep conforming with those facts. X generation are digital natives, that means they know better than anyone, how internet works about economical activities. Offer higher quality towards mailing: content, content, content. I consider, personally, a really low stat for Milennials.


¿Really? ¿Are you expecting to build a brand with those facts? Be solid and constant with your content. Consider social and seasonal context. Develop alliances with brands to create a solid marketing plan. Integrate the customer in your sales process, allow Milennials to participate, they love that.


By that, I have to say that X generation are more open to formal interaction. Yes, I will mention again content. Provide free samples of seminars, ebooks and courses. Develop autorrealization toward mailing (especially to working teens). Engage professionally active teens; they are incredible opportunity for transmitting your business core.


They judge a book by its cover. No, it’s not prejudiced, they want to be safe (I mean, feel safe). Use icebreakers as jokes or easy questions; don’t act like invading their privacy (we do it almost unconsciously). I see a big disadvantage on that 25% irritated by impersonalized email. We have the technology, then we must use it. Analize your target and, by its differences inside of it, segment different communication strategies.

I hope you enjoyed this part of my though. I apologize for the typos you may’ve found. I would like to emphasize this topic on quality content (content, content) and personalization. Sounds really hard and it is. Please, focus on your customer desires and leave me some critics.

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