Previously, I’ve exposed my belief in treating brands as humans. Considering Big Data as one of the trending topics of this year, I develop an analysis through three aspects a brand aspiring to human must have. I stated a brand should be perceived as a person, be interactive with its consumers and get identified with the target customer. Big Data, as an amazing opportunity to marketers, will be recommended in this post to treat a brand as human.


Brand as human

People characteristics must be extracted from that amount of data. Considering target audience as the focus of any research, information will be relevant if it gather insights about consumers’ lifestyle or social interaction. Those facts will allow the brand to empathize with their clients; which is only achieved through identification. As an example, Pepsi, at my country, develops enjoying it with friends as a brand strategy. Pepsico focus on a common action: gathering with friends and enjoying snacks (remember Pepsico is also responsible for Piqueo Snax, Lays Fries, Karinto and many more).
Be trendy. Gathering top trends will allow brands to outstand from competitors and be recognized (as a person). Focusing on young targets (Y and Z), innovation inspires connection.


I’ll focus on identifying trends. Those will produce valuable content (Content Marketing). By that, it will increase consumer interaction. The goal at this point is to be included on consumer’s lifestyle. Data will perfection interacting. Some trends will need to be shown on the product (as bioawareness). Otherwise, must reflect on brand communication. It would be criminal, for a person, to talk trendy (YOLO) and wear boring-old-man-shoes and not be Hipster. Outstand towards innovation to get client preference.

Brand identification

As developing a human brand, identification must gather insights from social interaction and customers characteristics similar to brand ones. By that, a brand enjoys its place on customer’s social environment. Second though about identification means chasing your target. This is commonly explained by marketing area called distribution (or 3rd P, Place). Be every time your consumer needs you; otherwise, don’t cry if your direct competitor get him.

*We will get you where you need to know*

I hope you enjoyed reading my first in-English post. Big Data is one of the biggest opportunity for all kind of areas. As a future lead investigator, I assure you: we must analyze data to get to consumer’s mind and, for the capitalists, their wallet. I’m closing and I must say sorry for all the typos you may’ve found. On my next article, I’ll talk about Insights and their role on making a brand human. Thanks! Please, leave critics.

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